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Speakers 2020

Ronald Stephen Goyayi
I am Ronald Stephen Goyayi, I’m 17 years old and currently, in my first year of the IB diploma programme at Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School, I personally enjoy meeting new people and love to learn about them and all their differing viewpoints for various topics of local and global concern, I love to debate, pitting argument after argument to see whose point is the most relatively justified, it’s exhilarating in a sense. I love to read; my catalogue is the most confusing assortment you could ever find but I collect them all in the spirit of celebrating all the different genres of what I believe is mankind’s magnum opus, passing on stories from our minds and from our past.
Nasser Al-Hilal 
Founder of CharityVision, an organization that aims to encourage sustainability within the community. An IB2 student at DIA who has been challenged and inspired with his journey in the city of Dar es salaam. He holds the belief that if we stand together through the opportunities granted to us within our privileges. We are bound to make a change. One person is enough to create a spark, an idea. But together in cooperation we can do a lot more to make a difference in the long run as we aim to achieve sustainability.
Saloha Said Aboud

My name is Saloha Said Aboud, a grade 11 student at Dar es salaam International Academy.

I am extremely passionate about speaking and standing up for what is right, even if I have to go against all odds, just so I could prove my point. I believe words are too powerful to change perspectives and views. With this motive and determination, it made me become a part of the National Debate team in Tanzania.

I am also convinced that we could make a world a better place, if we would simply focus on one aspect of love and the world, would never be in destruction if it weren’t for our own egos and pride, hence with this driving force, I was convinced to do a TedTalk on how to become a butterfly in a world full of destruction.

Mirengeri Diallo
Mirengeri Diallo(Mire) is a Tanzanian 11th-grade student at IST. She is an avid reader and activist who has a passion for highlighting global issues that are not primarily focused on, such as the one that will be discussed in her talk. She enjoys having stimulating conversations on subjects ranging from systems of oppression to whether pizza is truly the best food because she values how the opinions of others can improve her understanding of the world. Other than that, she is an all-round cinephile and an okay-ish theatre enthusiast.
Coby Awde
Coby is a grade 11 & 12 math teacher at the International School of Tanganyika. She has a bachelor's degree in mathematical sciences and feels that mathematical proof can be beautiful. She is a certified yoga & meditation teacher, an avid scuba diver, and a self-taught environmentalist and minimalist who aims to share her passion and concern for the health of the planet to anyone who will listen
Satyam Gupta
Satyam Prakash Gupta, a 16-year-old student at the International School of Tanganyika. He has lived in 6 different countries and loves sharing stories through videography. He started an After School Activity called IST cinematics following his passion for videography and has been working on a project of merging the idea of the butterfly effect with pollution to share a strong message in the form of a story. To Not Litter!!! 
Devina Kakkad
Devina is a student, currently engrossed in her senior year of the IB Diploma Programme at the Dar-Es-Salaam International Academy. Her interest in mental well-being sparked in 10th grade and developed to crafting her personality. She is extremely passionate about addressing mental health issues and eradicating the stigma surrounding them, particularly for teenagers in their high school years. According to her, mental health has always been a notion that is under-addressed and viewed as trivial. Society needs to take action, and they need to do it right away. Her TedTalk will be based on the corresponding framework that mental health is no joke, and shouldn’t be treated like one.
 | “Sometimes people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to, it’s not for them” | Joubert Botha
Tim Mummert
He is a grade 12 student currently doing his IB Diploma at the International School of Tanganyika. He regularly performs as a Hobby-Magician for more than three years by now, such as on the last two Tedx@YouthUpanga events. This year, he decided to talk about a topic that he discovered for himself as a result of his passion for magic combined with his interest in Psychology and the human mind.
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